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Desktop Accessories

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"I use this to display a quote that gives me energy to continue working hard!"A nice addition to our desktop series, use it to display a photo, a postcard, a quote or anything that matters to you!You get 2 units with each order!FREE SHIPPING TO ANYWHERE IN THE WORLDItem Details:Material: WoodSize: 25 * 120 mmWeight: 10g

$12.90 USD

"My desk is so neat thanks to this organizer"Great looking pastel color desktop organizer unit. You can choose to let it stand upright or lie it down. Each storage unit has four big storage space for your stationery itemsItem Details:Size: 204mm * 91mm * 52mm 

$12.90 USD

"A calculator that doubles as a toy?! I want it!"Who says math has to be boring? This calculator will be your best companion in doing maths.FREE SHIPPING TO ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD!Item Details:Size: 125mm * 62mmPower: SolarWeight: 68g

$4.50 USD

"This is so cute, I now use them in my cafe for menu displaying"Creative typewriter design photo/card holder.Display your favorite photo/quote card on your desk with this!FREE SHIPPING TO ANYWHERE IN THE WORLDItem Details:Material: WoodSize: 5 * 4.2 * 2.5cmWeight: 23g

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Finally the perfect storage solution for your growing Washi tape collection. Bought too many washi tapes from us and now you need to figure out how to store them neatly at home? We've heard you. Check out this creative stackable washi tape storage box. It has a transparent lid so that you can easily look at the content inside. It's...

$3.60 USD

"The cutest way to display a photo without using a photo frame!"Aren't they the cutest photo holder ever? Suitable to hold any pictures, photos or cards.FREE SHIPPING TO ANYWHERE IN THE WORLDItem Details:Material: Wood

$7.90 USD

"Very cute design!"This unique desktop organizer is a must have for every study desks.It works as a pen holder as well as a phone stand (elephant trunk portion).Item Details:Material: Wood + PlasticSize: 18 * 8 * 10cm

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A classy elegant looking mobile phone stand for you. Imagine what you can do with both your hands when you don't have to hold your smart phone. No longer will you need to bend down and check your recipe while cooking. No longer will you get sore arms for netflixing or video-calling for too long. This wooden mobile phone stand...

$19.90 USD

"My desktop gets an instant upgrade!"Trust me, you will need this for your study desk.Comes with a small pocket to keep your notes, loose papers etc.Item Details:Size: 640*330MM

$19.90 USD

"I brought this to work and people were like WOW!"Who says calculator can't be stylish?This tablet-design calculator is a must-have for every desktop.Big keys, up to 12 digits display, solar and battery poweredItem Details:Power mode: Battery and solar poweredSize: 165 * 100 mm

$4.90 USD

Simplest Desktop Flip Calendar you will ever need for studying! Want a way to remind you the date today without having to check on your phone?  Get this Mini Desktop Calendar!  PRO tip: Want to display a photo of your desktop with today's date in the pic? This minimalist calendar is definitely #instaready Comes in three different designs and ships...

$8.80 USD

"I can use this calendar for my whole life!"Display your dates in style. This Japanese Muji style desktop calendar can be used forever - just flip the date and Month and day of the week accordingly.Item Details:Material: PPWeight: 0.08kgSize: 9.8*4.3mm

$22.90 USD

"The first thing I do when I sit down on my desk every morning is flipping this calendar" A calendar is a must have on every desktop. Why not display the dates in a more unique way?Item Details:Size: 12*20.5*9cm