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"Leave your to-do lists near where it matters!"You don't want to bring your notebook around everytime you want to check on you list. This sticky note collection will be your best tool!FREE SHIPPING TO ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD!Item Details:50 sheets per set10 cm * 6cm

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"The cutest way to display a photo without using a photo frame!"Aren't they the cutest photo holder ever? Suitable to hold any pictures, photos or cards.FREE SHIPPING TO ANYWHERE IN THE WORLDItem Details:Material: Wood

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"What a bargain!! 10 Washi tapes for this price?!"You will get 10 washi tapes of the same design series with this order.Each set has 2 rolls of 0.5cm * 2m2 rolls of 0.8cm * 2m4 rolls of 1.5cm * 2m2 rolls of 3cm * 2mFREE SHIPPING TO ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD!

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"Looks exactly like the kind of pen you can get from Muji" You want to get a Muji Pen but can't afford the price? Why not try this pen?You will be surprised by it.FREE SHIPPING TO ANYWHERE IN THE WORLDSpecifications:Type: Gel PenWriting Point: 0.5mmGel Pen's Ink Type: Gel-InkInk Color: Black

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"Not only it's pretty, it writes well too!"Unique design, and good quality writing instrument.Each purchase comes with four pensFREE SHIPPING TO ANYWHERE IN THE WORLDPlease note: Box packaging is not included in the order. Item Details:Writing Point: 0.5mmType: Gel Ink PenInk Color: Black

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"This is one fine pen for this price, I didn't expect it to be so good!"Pastel color fountain pen - minimalist design, beaufiful colors.FREE SHIPPING TO ANYWHERE IN THE WORLDNote: There are 4 different color designs (White, green, blue, pink). We will assign a random color when you place your order. If you have a prefered color, please include in...

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"This is one good looking traveller's journal!"Looking to start your own traveller's journal? Here's a beautiful journal for you!Comes with 1 * Beautiful PU leather Cover 1 * Add-on Plastic Cover pocket 2 * A6 notebooks 4 Cover Designs to choose fromFREE SHIPPING TO ANYWHERE IN THE WORLDItem Details:Size: 20.2 * 11.5 cm

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"This is one beautiful notepad!"This notepad allows you to leave beautiful notes. Use it with a beautiful washi tape, and this can be a sticky note!Please note: This is not a sticky notepad, the notes don't have adhesive on them.Item Details:Size: 90/60mmPages: 100 pages

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"I can use this calendar for my whole life!"Display your dates in style. This Japanese Muji style desktop calendar can be used forever - just flip the date and Month and day of the week accordingly.Item Details:Material: PPWeight: 0.08kgSize: 9.8*4.3mm

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"You don't want to go back to normal boring paperclips once you have these!" The cutest paperclip collection.You'll get 10 paperclips in every order 5 designs to choose from, each design comes with 5 different colors.

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"My favorite mechanical pencil right now, and I have three of them!"Minimalist, simple and great looking mechanical pencil. You get three mechanical pencils with each purchase.AND FREE SHIPPING TO ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD!Please note: they come in three different colors - but you might not get all three pencils in three different colors (depends on stock quantity, you might get 2...

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"These are the cutest sticky note I have ever seen!"These magic pills will make you study harder!Please note: there are four designs altogether but due to popular demand, we will send out a random design when you place your order. Please leave a note with your order if you have a preferred design, we will try and fulfill your request...

$7.90 USD

"Very cute design!"This unique desktop organizer is a must have for every study desks.It works as a pen holder as well as a phone stand (elephant trunk portion).Item Details:Material: Wood + PlasticSize: 18 * 8 * 10cm

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"Good looking and high quality fountain pen for the price!"Forget getting expensive branded fountain pens, here's one that you should get instead.High quality, classy design fountain pen - perfect as an inexpensive gift~!Comes in three different colors: Black, Silver and rose gold.You will also get a beautiful gift box with this purchase.Please note: the item does not come with ink....

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"My favorite highlighting pens!"This set of highlighters comes with dual tip - one thick tip and one fine tip.And not to mention, their colors are pretty too!FREE SHIPPING TO ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD!Item Details:Size: 15.5 * 5.5 cm

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"Perfect for my washi tapes!"Looking for a good looking tape dispenser for your washi tapes?This is one beautiful tape dispenser for those beautiful washi tapes of yours!FREE SHIPPING TO ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD!Item Details:Size: 111 * 43 * 58 mm