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Pencil Cases

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Minimalist Canvas Pencil Case Stylish canvas pencil bag to organize your stationery, stickers, washi tapes and many more.   Item Details: Size: 21.2cm x 9cm Material: canvas

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A pencil case full of good nutrition and positive energy! Who doesn't feel more energetic looking at this pencil case Comes in three different "flavours" Waterproof, BIG storage space and WORLDWIDE FREE SHIPPING   Item Details:  size: 20cm x 5cm  

$6.80 USD

Adorable canvas pencil case with succulents - cactus . Minimal yet pretty. Great for organizing your stationeries or calligraphy supplies. Size: 8.3cm x 20.3cm x 4.2cm

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$6.80 USD

Fun and quirky banana pencil case.   Great for storing all your pens, washi tapes, stickers, stationery , accessories and much more! Material: Silicone Size: 21cm x 5cm

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Kawaii Pencil Cases Tube Too adorable to ignore! FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE   Item Details:   Material: silicone Size: 22cm x 9.5cm

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Quirky and cute tooth paste inspired pencil case that has lots of room for u to store all your pens, washi tapes, stationery, and has a a cap that works as a pencil sharpener at the same time too!  Size: 25cm x 8cm x 6.5cm Material: Faux Leather

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Item Details:   Size: 16cm x 6cm Materials: faux leather

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Item Details:   Size: 19cm x 7.5cm x 5 cm ( refer to photo ) Material: canvas

$12.90 USD

  This is not your ordinary pencil case! Looking for a large canvas pencil case with space for a lot of stationery items? You've found it here. Check out these beautiful candy colours pencil case! There are four bright and cheerful colours to choose from: Black, Mint, Yellow and Pink. They are so big you can even use it as...

$5.10 USD

Choose your favourite cookie pencil case - crackers, macaron or mini chocolate cookie melts!   Quirky and cute pencil case that has lots of room for your handlettering supplies, pens, washi tapes, stationery and any other bits and bops that you would like to organize! Size: 22cm x 9cmMaterial: Faux Leather

$6.60 USD

Geometry Canvas Pencil Case Spacious and pretty canvas bags to organize your stationery. Item details: Size: 8.3cm x 20.3 material: canvas

$6.10 USD

Believe in yourself! -- No more Monday Blues with these pretty pink pencil cases with uplifting motivational quotes to keep your spirits high ! Great canvas material for storage of your handlettering supplies, tombow pens, washi tapes, stationery and heaps more. Size: 8.5cm x 20cm

$4.50 USD

Candy Minimal Leather Pencil Case Collect all the pretty colours!  Item Details: Size: 16cm x 6cm Material: Faux Leather note: Some colours may look brighter on computer screens

$6.50 USD

Cute Superhero themed pencil case.. Look.. Superheroes... Simple, yet unique superheroes pencil case Waterproof, Big Storage space and FREE SHIPPING worldwide! Item Details:   Size: 19 * 9 cm

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Another lovely product that is sure to please all you Totoro lovers! Why settle for a pencil case when you can have a roll-up canvas stationery bag - especially when it comes with a cute Totoro. You can store so much more in this canvas bag - and for this price?!  Don't forget that it's FREE SHIPPING worldwide!   Item...

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  A cute bear-theme pencil case ! If you are tired of ordinary pencil cases, check out our newest cartoon bear canvas pencil case. Good quality pencil case with space for plenty of stationery items Item details: Size: 18 * 7 * 9cm

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Motivational Pencil Cases What great way to have some positive energy lying around on the work or study table! Item details: Size: 20.2cm x 8.3cm x 4.2cm Material: faux leather Random design will be sent out