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"These are the cutest sticky note I have ever seen!"These magic pills will make you study harder!Please note: there are four designs altogether but due to popular demand, we will send out a random design when you place your order. Please leave a note with your order if you have a preferred design, we will try and fulfill your request...

$7.70 USD

"I bought this friend as a graduation gift for my boyfriend, and he liked it sooo muchhh!" Finally, a high quality and good looking pen that doesnt cost you much. Note: you can also get the refills here - with each refill set, you'll get five refills. FREE SHIPPING TO ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD Item Details: Type: Ballpoint PenWriting Point:...

$3.50 USD

"I use this to display a quote that gives me energy to continue working hard!"A nice addition to our desktop series, use it to display a photo, a postcard, a quote or anything that matters to you!You get 2 units with each order!FREE SHIPPING TO ANYWHERE IN THE WORLDItem Details:Material: WoodSize: 25 * 120 mmWeight: 10g

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$4.90 USD $6.30 USD

"This is one beautiful notepad!"This notepad allows you to leave beautiful notes. Use it with a beautiful washi tape, and this can be a sticky note!Please note: This is not a sticky notepad, the notes don't have adhesive on them.Item Details:Size: 90/60mmPages: 100 pages

$19.90 USD

"My desktop gets an instant upgrade!"Trust me, you will need this for your study desk.Comes with a small pocket to keep your notes, loose papers etc.Item Details:Size: 640*330MM

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$22.90 USD $32.70 USD

"My favorite notebook right now!"Perfect notebook for bullet journal beginners! Blank pages within - good for sketching or free style writing/mind mappingItem Details:Style: HardcoverInner Pages: 96 Sheets 192 PagesCover Material: CottonSize: 130x180mmPage Design: Blank

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$19.90 USD $23.40 USD

"I love this notebook! It's like my second brain"If you are looking for a notebook with minimalist design, this Moleskin lookalike might just be the one you need.Three different page designs to choose from: Blank, Lined, or Grid.FREE SHIPPING TO ANYWHERE IN THE WORLDItem Details:Style: HardcoverInner Pages: 96 Sheets 192 PageSize: 202*131MMCover : High quality soft PU leather

$8.80 USD

"I can use this calendar for my whole life!"Display your dates in style. This Japanese Muji style desktop calendar can be used forever - just flip the date and Month and day of the week accordingly.Item Details:Material: PPWeight: 0.08kgSize: 9.8*4.3mm

$22.90 USD

"The first thing I do when I sit down on my desk every morning is flipping this calendar" A calendar is a must have on every desktop. Why not display the dates in a more unique way?Item Details:Size: 12*20.5*9cm

$3.20 USD

"Great for organizing charging cables!"You'll need this! Why use rubber bands when you can have these colorful cable organizer bands?Every order comes with 8 organizer bands.FREE SHIPPING TO ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD!Item Details:Material: Plastic

$4.50 USD

"This is so cute, I now use them in my cafe for menu displaying"Creative typewriter design photo/card holder.Display your favorite photo/quote card on your desk with this!FREE SHIPPING TO ANYWHERE IN THE WORLDItem Details:Material: WoodSize: 5 * 4.2 * 2.5cmWeight: 23g

$7.90 USD

"Very cute design!"This unique desktop organizer is a must have for every study desks.It works as a pen holder as well as a phone stand (elephant trunk portion).Item Details:Material: Wood + PlasticSize: 18 * 8 * 10cm

$2.99 USD

"You don't want to go back to normal boring paperclips once you have these!" The cutest paperclip collection.You'll get 10 paperclips in every order 5 designs to choose from, each design comes with 5 different colors.

$5.90 USD

"Excellent gift idea. Gave one to one friend this year!"Tired of normal boring key card holder?These will be the cutest key card holders you will ever encounter.Four cute designs to choose from.FREE SHIPPING TO ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD!Item Details:Material: Soft PlasticSize: 10*6.2cm

$5.60 USD

"I have always wanted a different ID Card holder!"The cutest key chain card holder you will ever encounter!You now have a place to keep that Student ID, Bank Card, or key card of yours - in style!FREE SHIPPING TO ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD!Item Details:Material: Soft Plastic

$5.30 USD

"My favourite Washi Tape collection!! Good value for money too!"In this series, you will find three washi tapes in each set:2 rolls of 1.5cm * 3m washi tapes1 roll of 3cm * 3m washi tape8 different designs to choose from!FREE SHIPPING TO ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD.

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$6.30 USD $9.90 USD

"Beatiful washi tape set! Love the combination!"Decorate your journal with this set of washi tapes. Each set has 4 rolls of Washi tapeEach washi tape is 1.5 cm * 5mFREE SHIPPING TO ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD

$7.20 USD

"What a bargain!! 10 Washi tapes for this price?!"You will get 10 washi tapes of the same design series with this order.Each set has 2 rolls of 0.5cm * 2m2 rolls of 0.8cm * 2m4 rolls of 1.5cm * 2m2 rolls of 3cm * 2mFREE SHIPPING TO ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD!

$8.30 USD

"With this, I can basically buy and use any silicone stamps with my Bujo"You need this if you want to use stamps on your journal.Comes in different sizes:XS: 5cm * 5cmS: 7.5cm * 7.5cmM: 10cm * 10cm L: 16cm * 6cmXL: 16cm * 10cm

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$5.60 USD

"Drawing calendar in my Bujo becomes so easy with this handy tool!" Why draw yourself when you can just stamp it on? If you do alot of date planning in your journal, you will like today's recommended stationery. Note: This silicone stamp is designed to be used with an acrylic stamp block. Click here to get one if you don't...

$2.00 USD

"Most beautiful A5 notebook I ever bought!"Perfect as Midori Notebook refill.Choose from one of the four series available. FREE SHIPPING TO ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD.Please note: only ONE notebook from the series will be shipped out (Random design). You choose the series, and get one random design from that series.Item Details:Notebook Binding: Stitch BindingSize: 7.2cm * 12.3cmNo of pages: 18 sheets...